Tijuana Institute of Technology

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General Information

The research group has developed software for research and education in computational intelligence methods. In particular, the software is for methods or models that are not commonly found in the literature, like for type-2 fuzzy logic systems and modular neural networks.


Toolbox for Type-2 Fuzzy Logic:

The current version of this toolbox allows the implementation of interval type-2 fuzzy logic systems (Mamdani and Sugeno models) with a user friendly graphical interface. The toolbox is available for research and education purposes upon request. The process for requesting the toolbox is as follows: 1) Send an email message to Prof. Dr. Oscar Castillo (ocastillo@tectijuana.edu.mx) explaining the reasons why the toolbox is needed. This message must be sent by a Professor of an Academic Institution.

2) After the first step, a formal letter requesting the toolbox must be sent by email to Prof. Castillo. The letter must be signed by an authority of the Academic Institution and should in official paper with letterhead. The letter should be send as a PDF file (size less than 500k). In the letter it should mention that proper reference of the papers by the authors of the toolbox would be made in all publications made using this software.

3) After the letter is sent and the request is approved, the files of the toolbox (including userís manual) would be sent as a ZIP file by email to the Professor that has made the formal request.

As an illustration, the userís manual of the type-2 fuzzy logic toolbox is available at:


Toolbox for Modular Neural Networks:

The current version of this toolbox enables the easy implementation of ensemble and modular neural network models, as well as hybrid combinations of both types of models. The toolbox has a visual interface that allows the drawing of the models by the users. Also, the graphical user interface allows reading the input data in a very easy way, as well as showing in a friendly manner the output results.




Software Development by the group