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IFSA 2007 Wo= rld Congress

Cancun, Mexico, June 18-21, 2007

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Perception Based Data Mining and Decision Making



I. Batyrshin

Mexic= an Petroleum Institute, Mexico

E-mail: batyr1@gmail.com

Phone: +52-55-9175-8216


J. Ka= cprzyk

Systems Research Institute=

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

E-mail: kacprzyk@ibspan.waw.pl

Phone: + (48) (22) 836 44 14

R. Ya= ger

Machine Intelligence Insti= tute

Iona College, USA

E= -mail: ryager@iona.edu



SCOPE= : Computing with words and perceptions (CWP) gives a new methodology for development of knowledge based decision making systems. In many problem areas such as economics, finance, meteorology, geophysics, Internet etc human decision making is based on expert knowledge given by perceptions defined on data bases domains. For supporting percepti= on based decision making procedures in problems related with analysis of data = bases it is necessary to develop the methods of perception based data mining (PDM) and specifically perception based time series data mining when perceptions = are defined on time series data bases domains. These methods can integrate the = models and methods proposed in CWP, fuzzy expert systems, fuzzy data mining, computational linguistics, data mining and time series analysis.


The g= oal of the special session is to discuss theoretical results and experie= nce in development of perception based decision making systems defined on data bases domains and to determine unsolved problems and perspective directions= of research in this area.


The contributions considering the following and related topics are welcomed:


-&nb= sp;        perception based knowle= dge and data bases;

-&nb= sp;        perception based decisi= on making in data bases;

-&nb= sp;        preci= siation of perceptions;

-&nb= sp;        aggregation and propaga= tion of perception based constraints;

-&nb= sp;        grammars for generation= of perceptions and queries;

-&nb= sp;        ontology of perceptions= ;

-&nb= sp;        linguistic association rules;

-&nb= sp;        association rules with = perception based frequencies, support and confidence measures;

-&nb= sp;        perception based constr= aints and rules with temporal and spatial relations;

-&nb= sp;        perception based correlation rules and local trend associations;

-&nb= sp;        relationships between a= ssociation rules and inference rules;

-&nb= sp;        PDM in supplementation = of expert knowledgebase;

-&nb= sp;        linguistic summarizatio= n;

-&nb= sp;        linguistic retranslatio= n;

-&nb= sp;        perce= ption based forecasting.


The papers accepted for the session will be published in the conference proceedings. The authors of selected papers will be invited to prepare exte= nded versions of their papers for publishing in a special issue of prestigious inter= national journal and in edited volume published by Springer.



Dr. Prof. Ildar Batyrshin

Research Program in App= lied Mathematics and Computing (PIMAyC)

Mexic= an Petroleum Institute

Eje Cent= ral Norte Lazaro Cardenas 152, Col. San Bart= olo Atepehuacan,

07730, Mexico, D.F., Mexico

Tel.: +52-(55)-9175-8216

Fax: +52-(55)-9175-7463

E-mail: &= nbsp; batyr1@gmail.com<= /span>