Registration Desk



17:00-19:00 hrs, Sunday October 15, 2017


7:30-8:45 hrs, 10:30-12:00 hrs.,  16:00-17:30 hrs. Monday October 16, 2017


9:00-9:30 hrs, 14:00-16:00 hrs. Tuesday October 16, 2017



Monday October 16, 2017


9:00-9:30 Official opening and Welcome


9:30-10:30 Keynote Lecture: Empirical Fuzzy Sets and Systems: getting closer to the Data

Professor Plamen Angelov, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Lancaster University, UK



10:30-12:00 Room A:

Inter-Relation Between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques 1

Chairs: Martine Ceberio and Vladik Kreinovich


Normalization-Invariant Fuzzy Logic Operations Explain Empirical Success of Student Distributions in Describing Measurement Uncertainty

Hamza Alkhatib, Boris Kargoll, Ingo Neumann, and Vladik Kreinovich


How to Gauge the Accuracy of Fuzzy Control Recommendations: A Simple Idea

Patricia Melin, Oscar Castillo, Andrzej Pownuk, Olga Kosheleva, and Vladik Kreinovich


The shape of the optimal value of a fuzzy linear programming problem

Milan Hladık and Michal Cerny


Can We Detect Crisp Sets Based Only on the Subsethood Ordering of Fuzzy Sets? Fuzzy Sets And/Or Crisp Sets Based on Subsethood of Interval-Valued Fuzzy Sets?

Christian Servin, Gerardo Muela, and Vladik Kreinovich




10:30-12:00 Room B:

New trends in Computational Intelligence

Chairs: Oscar Montiel, Roberto Sepulveda


Cellular Automata enhanced Quantum Inspired Edge Detection

Yoshio Rubio, Oscar Montiel, Roberto Sepúlveda


Speeding up Quantum Genetic Algorithms in Matlab through the Quack_GPU v1

Oscar Montiel, Roberto Sepúlveda, Yoshio Rubio


Estimation of Population Pharmacokinetic Model parameters using a Genetic Algorithm

Carlos Sepúlveda, Oscar Montiel, José M. Cornejo, Roberto Sepúlveda


A hybrid intelligent system model for hypertension risk diagnosis

Ivette Miramontes, Gabriela Martínez, Patricia Melin, German Prado-Arechiga



LUNCH: 12:00-14:00



14:00-15:30 Room A:

Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Chair: Fernando Gomide


Competitive Hybrid Ensemble Using Neural Network and Decision Tree

Davin Kaing and Larry Medsker


Evolving granular fuzzy min-max regression

Alisson Porto and Fernando Gomide


Solving real-world fuzzy quadratic programming problems by dual parametric approach

Ricardo Coelho


Intuitionistic fuzzy functional differential equations

Bouchra Ben Amma1, Said Melliani and L. S. Chadli



14:00-15:30 Room B:

Fuzzy Control and Optimization

Chair: Alma Y. Alanís


Neural Identifier-Control Scheme for Nonlinear Discrete Systems with Input Delay

Jorge D. Rios, Alma Y. Alanís, Nancy Arana-Daniel and Carlos López-Franco


Methodology for the optimization of a fuzzy controller using a bio-inspired algorithm

Marylu L. Lagunes, Oscar Castillo and Jose Soria


PID Implemented by a Type-1 Fuzzy Logic System with Back-Propagation Algorithm for Online Tuning of its Gains

Alberto Álvarez, David Reyes,  Ernesto J. Rincón, José Valderrama, Pascual Noradino, Gerardo M. Méndez


A PID Using a Non-Singleton Fuzzy Logic System Type 1 to Control a Second-Order System

David Reyes, Alberto Álvarez, Ernesto J. Rincón, José Valderrama, Pascual Noradino, Gerardo M. Méndez



15:30-16:00 Coffee Break



16:00-17:30 Room A:

Theory on Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic

Chair: Mario Garcia


A Theory of Event Possibility with Application to Vehicle Waypoint Navigation

Daniel G. Schwartz


Defects in the Defuzzification of Periodic Membership Functions on Orthogonal Coordinates and a Solution

Takashi Mitsuishi


Fuzzy Restricted Boltzmann Machines

Robert W. Harrison Christopher Freas


A new approach for dynamic mutation parameter in the Differential Evolution algorithm using fuzzy logic

Patricia Ochoa, Oscar Castillo and José Soria



16:00-17:30 Room B:

Fuzzy Logic, Similarity, Correlation and Association Measures

Chairs: Ildar Batyrshin, Vladik Kreinovich and Imre Rudas


Correlation Measures for Bipolar Rating Profiles

Fernando Monroy-Tenorio, Ildar Batyrshin, Alexander Gelbukh, Valery Solovyev, Nailya Kubysheva and Imre Rudas


Dynamic Local Trend Associations in Analysis of Comovements of Financial Time Series

Francisco Javier García-López, Ildar Batyrshin, Alexander Gelbukh


Restricted Equivalence Function on L([0, 1])

Eduardo S. Palmeira, Benjamın Bedregal


Exotic Semirings and Uncertainty

Mark J. Wierman



17:30-18:00 Coffee Break



18:00-18:30 Invited Lecture: Relating Fuzzy Set Similarity Measures

Professor Valerie Cross, Ph.D.

Miami University, USA



Tuesday October 17, 2017


9:30-10:30 Keynote Lecture: Application of Zadeh-Deshpande Formalism in Air Quality Classification

Professor Ashok Deshpande, Ph.D.

College of Engineering Pune (COEP) India and NIT Silchar, INDIA



10:30-12:00 Room A:

Inter-Relation Between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques 2

Chairs: Martine Ceberio and Vladik Kreinovich



How Fuzzy Techniques Help Systems Engineering: From Software Migration to Additive Manufacturing and Risk Management

Francisco Zapata


Taking Into Account Interval (and Fuzzy) Uncertainty Can Lead to More Adequate Statistical Estimates

Ligang Sun, Hani Dbouk, Ingo Neumann, Steffen Schon, and Vladik Kreinovich


“On-the-fly” parameter identification for dynamic systems control, using interval computations and reduced-order modeling

Leobardo Valera, Angel Garcia Contreras, and Martine Ceberio


Weak and Strong solutions for Fuzzy Linear Programming problems

Juan Carlos Figueroa-Garcıa and German Hernandez-Perez



10:30-12:00 Room B:

Fuzzy Pattern Recognition and its application for Big Data Modeling

Chairs: M. H. Fazel Zarandi, O. Castillo, S. Sotudian, A. A. Sadat Asl, Z. Moattar-Hosseini


Two Hybrid Expert System for Diagnosis Air Quality Index (AQI)

Leila Abdolkarimzadeh, Milad Azadpour, M.H.Fazel Zarandi


An Expert System Based On Fuzzy Bayesian Network for Heart Disease Diagnosis

M.H. Fazel Zarandi, A. Seifi, M.M. Ershadi, H. Esmaeeli


Fuzzy Rule based Expert System to Diagnose Chronic kidney Disease

M.H. Fazel Zarandi, Mona Abdolkarimzadeh


Fuzzy Adaptation for Particle Swarm Optimization for Modular Neural Networks Applied to Iris Recognition

Daniela Sánchez, Patricia Melin, Oscar Castillo



LUNCH: 12:00-14:00



14:00-15:30 Room A:

Fuzzy Logic Applications

Chair: Oscar Castillo


Trajectory Optimization for an Autonomous Mobile Robot using the Bat Algorithm

Jonathan Perez, Patricia Melin, Oscar Castillo, Fevrier Valdez, Claudia Gonzalez, Gabriela Martinez


Can Multi - Constraint Fuzzy Optimization Bring Complex Problems in Selecting Optimal Solar Power Generating System into Focus?

Akash Dand, Chetankumar Patil, Ashok Deshpande

Fuzzy Chemical Reaction Algorithm with dynamic adaptation of parameters

David de la O, Oscar Castillo, Leslie Astudillo, Jose Soria


Comparative Study of metrics that affect in the performance of the Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm through Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems

Leticia Amador-Angulo, Oscar Castillo



15:30-16:00 Coffee Break



16:00-17:30 Room A:

Nature-Inspired Optimization Algorithms for Real World Applications

Chair: Fevrier Valdez


Outdoor Robot Navigation Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Erasmo Gabriel Martínez Soltero, Carlos Lopéz-Franco, Alma Y. Alanis and Nancy Arana-Daniel


Optimization of Deep Neural Network for Recognition with Human Iris Biometric Measure

Fernando Gaxiola, Patricia Melin, Fevrier Valdez, Juan R. Castro


A new metaheuristic based on the self-defense mechanisms of the plants with a fuzzy approach applied to the CEC2015 functions

Camilo Caraveo, Fevrier Valdez, Oscar Castillo



17:30-18:00 Coffee Break



18:00-19:00 NAFIPS General Meeting


20:00-22:00 Reception




Wednesday October 18, 2017


9:30-10:30 Keynote Lecture: Anthology and Semantic of Systems Modeling From Deterministic to Type-n Fuzzy Methodologies 

Professor Fazel Zarandi

Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran



10:30-12:00 Room A:

Type-2 Fuzzy Logic: Theory and Applications:

Chairs: Oscar Castillo and M.H. Fazel Zarandi


A Type-2 Fuzzy Hybrid Expert System for Commercial Burglary

M.H. Fazel Zarandi, A. Seifi, H. Esmaeeli, Sh. Sotudian


Type-2 Fuzzy Approach in Multi Attribute Group Decision Making Problem

Zohre Moattar Husseini and Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi


A Type-2 Fuzzy Expert System for Diagnosis of Leukemia

Ali Akbar Sadat Asl and Mohammad Hossein Fazel Zarandi



Study on the use of Type-1 and interval Type-2 fuzzy systems applied to benchmark functions using the fuzzy harmony search algorithm

Cinthia Peraza, Fevrier Valdez and Oscar Castillo


12:00 Closing Ceremony