Cancun, Mexico,  June 18-21, 2007

IFSA 2007 World Congress


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Relation Between Interval and Fuzzy Techniques

Organizers: Vladik Kreinovich and Hung T. Nguyen

The application of fuzzy logic and soft computing in flexible querying

Organizers: Guy De Tré  and Slawomir Zadrozny

Intuitionistic fuzzy sets some related approaches and applications


Organizers:  Eulalia Szmidt and Janusz Kacprzyk

Fuzzy Multi-Objetive Programming / Fuzzy Goal Programming

Organizers: Mustafa Gunes, Seraj Yousif   Abed, and Irfan Ertugrul

Invited Special Session 1IS

Special Session 4SS

Special Session 5SS

Special Session 3SS

Special Session 2SS

Special Session 6SS

Special Session 7SS

Special Session 8SS

Fuzzy Trees


Organizers:  Zhiheng Huang and Masoud Nikravesh 

Perception Based Data Mining and Decision Making


Organizers:  I. Batyrshin  Janusz Kacprzyk and Ronald Yager

Fuzzy and Possibilistic Optimization


Organizers:  Masahiro Inuiguchi and Weldon A. Lodwick

Special Session 9SS

Special Session 10SS

Special Session 11SS

Special Session 12SS

Special Session 14SS

Algebraic Foundations of Soft Computing


Organizers:  Vilem Novak, Irina Perfilieva

Joint Model Based and Data Based Learning: The Fuzzy Logic Approach


Organizers:  Joseph Aguilar-Martin and Julio Waissman Vilanova

Soft Computing in Medical Sciences


Organizers:  Rudolf Seising and Christian Schuh

Soft Computing in Petroleum Applications 


Organizers:  Leonid Sheremetov and Masoud Nikravesh

Special Session 13SS

Hybrid Intelligent Systems 


Organizers:  Eduardo Gomez-Ramirez, Patricia Melin and Oscar Castillo

Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing in Distributed Computing   


Organizers:  Lifeng Xi and Kun Gao 

Special Session 15SS

Session Accepted Papers